Hello, and welcome to my site. You are probably wondering why you are on this website and what it’s all about. vladstafford.com is a website about a disabled guy and his daily trials and tribulations with the disability he was born with. Vlad was born with a medical condition called arthrogryposis. A rare medical condition that causes joint contractures. This means some of his joints don’t move as much as normal and may even be stuck in one position.  The muscles around his joints are thin, weak, stiff or missing.

Vlad was born in Moscow, Russia in 1987, and was put up for adoption at birth. When he was seven he was adopted by a loving young couple from America. When they returned to America with him, a Russian interpreter made the journey with them. The interpreter stayed in America for a few months, and then returned to Russia.

Vlad is very smart and learned English very quickly. He liked taking anything electrical apart, and then putting it back together. The most favorite of all was working with computers. At ten years old Vlad built his first computer from scratch. In school he was a wiz kid,

After learning about computers and programming them, Vlad is now an Entrepreneur.  The definition of an Entrepreneur is that  he works for himself. His business deals with different aspects of computers. Some of his talents are: Web Hosting, Web Design, Computer Repair, IT Services, IT Consultant, and Web Development. You might know Vlad Stafford (Disabledgeek) from random places like crunchy roll, DiasbledAngels, Digitaltrends and other places. If you know who I am talking about, then you know he is a great guy, but if you don’t know him, then this is the place to get to know him.

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